#015 21 september 2021

Juan Font Alonso – Headscale

Headscale is an open source implementation of the Tailscale control server by Juan Font Alonso. In this talk Juan will share with us how Tailscale works, Headscale’s inner workings and how this project came to be.

Tailscale is a mesh VPN service built on top of Wireguard. It works like an overlay network between the computers of your networks - using all kinds of NAT traversal sorcery.

Everything in Tailscale is Open Source, except the GUI clients for proprietary OS (Windows and macOS/iOS), and the ‘coordination/control server’.

The control server works as an exchange point of Wireguard public keys for the nodes in the Tailscale network. It also assigns the IP addresses of the clients, creates the boundaries between each user, enables sharing machines between users, and exposes the advertised routes of your nodes.

Headscale implements this coordination server.

The talk will be in English. Free entrance. Doors open at 19.30 hours.

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